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Our Customers

PhotoStore (Online/Retailer)

KeyRetouch provides photo retouching, photo restoration, photo colorization services to many online photo stores and retailers/studios. Our photo retouching services is loved by millions of consumers worldwide. Before printing their photos, consumers love to make their photos look great. We provide our professional photo retouching services to consumers by partnering with photo stores.

Stock Photo Agency

The core business of a stock photo company is to license/distribute images worldwide and to increase their sales. With ever-changing and competitive business model/industry, a stock photo company definitely needs to concentrate on its core (Sales). KeyRetouch has helped 125+ stock photo companies (from startups to large sized companies and microstock companies) just do that by offering a complete digital imaging solution (retouching, scanning, and keywording services) and that too with highest quality, fastest turnaround and guaranteed lowest pricing..


The core competency of a professional photographer is to shoot excellent images and not to worry about post production at all. KeyRetouch has helped 3000+ professional photographers to help them concentrate on shooting by offering complete digital imaging solutions (retouching, keywording and even scanning old archives) We assign dedicated experienced retouchers for you so that he/she understands your needs and provides consistency in quality. We provide retouching and digital imaging services to all specialties of photographers (Wedding, Portrait, Stock, Fashion, Products, Commercial, Architectural, Aerial, Industrial, Nature, Sports, News, Fine Arts, Panoramic, Real Estate).

Color Labs

KeyRetouch has helped many color labs by offering retouching and other digital imaging services at fastest turnaround time while maintaining lowest cost. Whether your clients are wedding photographers, portrait photographers, event photographers or corporations, we have experienced staff to meet your needs. Instead of hiring seasonal staff during peak period many color labs choose KeyRetouch as their preferred partners to help them take on more business. We can calibrate our world-class monitors to your specifications to maintain consistency in color. We provide color correction, photo restoration, photo retouching, and album designing, among others to color labs.


Protect and Preserve your asset, everything starts to deteriorate over time, including your analog images. Film/Transparency/Photos/Negatives/Artwork is a precious commodity and, unfortunately, once an image has fully deteriorated, it is gone forever. Film that is not stored in optimal conditions is subject to even faster deterioration. Digitizing your images provides you with an electronic master that can be duplicated countless times with no deterioration. Moreover, since images are easier to locate within a digital archive, you may find that you can make better use of your archive. Many corporations have generated large revenues by licensing their digital assets At KeyRetouch our approach and principles revolve around the needs of our clients. Whether you have few hundred or millions of photos and videos, we develop a customized solution for each client. Once the images are scanned, we can even restore them, keyword those images and provide a complete digital asset management solution

Publication Companies

KeyRetouch has helped many publication companies and currently caters to 75+ Magazines, News Papers, Online publications, by offering retouching and other digital imaging services at fastest turnaround time while maintaining lowest cost. We provide complete retouching services for all specialties of magazines and news papers (People, Products, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Real Estate etc) We understand the importance of deadlines and accuracy of retouching..

Catalog and Retail Companies

Catalog and Retail companies have thousands of products to sell online or via catalogs, so the first impression of your product (image), is extremely important. We have a team of talented photo retouchers to enhance your product photos and make it look really professional. No matter how well the photographer has shot the product, there is significant amount of time goes into making a product look great in post production. KeyRetouch offers clipping path, putting on white background, enhancing the product, removing unwanted objects to make your product look great. We guarantee your customers will love it

Advertising Agencies

A Picture is worth thousand words, this phase is best known to an ad agency. We have helped over 375+ ad agencies create amazing pictures. Our Creative Retouching team works with the Art director of the Ad Agency to provide a mind blowing picture. We understand how important it is for the ad agency to impress its clients..

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